Citizenship is a mechanism for selecting real community members to co-promote the prosperity of DAOSquare and share the benefits of DAOSquare.


Achieving healthy community governance requires a group of real, trusted builders. They should be selected from token holders, not simply token holders.

Three key principles


Contributions → Quantified Factors → PASS Identity


So far, the mechanism supports three contribution categories, donation, staking, working.

Contributions Description
Donation Check the chapter to learn more about the donation.
Staking Stake $RICE to support DAOSquare.
Working Working in DAOs and public community, includes translation, writing, product development, UI, design, community management, and more.
Others You can submit any idea to add it.

Quantified Factors

Quantify contribution actions in different contribution categories as on-chain points (DKPs).

DKP is the non-transferable point in the smart contract, which includes three key DKPs, DKP1, DKP2, and DKP3. These three DKPs are used as quantification of the above three contribution categories.

DKPs Quantification objects Quantification Formula
DKP1 Donation Donate 1 XDAI to get 1 DKP1
DKP2 Staking Stake 1 $RICE to get 0.01 DKP2 per day
DKP3 Working Depends on the rules of community contribution reward (Check X-to-earn chapter)

PASS Identity

Different combinations of points can be minted for different verifiable identities(Passport/Cafeteria). Different identities share different community rights and benefits.

Passport & Cafeteria